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6 Tips to Write Effective Facebook Ads Copy in 2020

1.73 billion daily active Facebook users give marketers and business owners a great chance to approach customers, making Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms for many industries.

Organic reach on Facebook is no longer the case due to changes of algorithms. In fact, marketers have been advertising on Facebook to expand their online presence.

While there are a lot of involved steps to make a successful Facebook Ads campaign – which we covered some already, there is an important aspect we want to focus on – Ads copy. Here’s what the best social media marketers do in 2020.

1/ Write different Ads for different people

Different groups of audience digest your copy differently. One Facebook Ad copy won’t work for every potential customer. Important practice here is to understand your audience characteristics.

Before starting an ad campaign, it is important to be clear in mind your targeted audience. Even though you have a well-defined audience pool, you should divide them into smaller groups, with each group sharing similar characteristics. Then, write your ad accordingly to each group.

One recommendation to improve your copy is to create audience profiles and personas. These personas would include goals, frustrations, characteristics, traits, ect; anything you could think of to distinguish your audience. The persona acts as the profile of a real person. When writing your Facebook Ad copy, imagine you are writing to this person.

2/ Match your copy with your visual

Visual is an important element which can speak thousand of words in your campaign. However, putting efforts on the visual and abandoning your copy won’t help you get the deal. The fact is, you need to keep them balanced. What I mean by balanced is the visual should go well together with the copy. They need to present the same thing.

When customers get confused about what the ad is actually advertising, they will be unlikely to click. You don’t want to waste your money on the ads that won’t convert.

3/ Keep it short and sweet

People won’t stay on your ads more than 3 seconds, if the ad doesn’t impress them. To quickly grab attention from customers, make sure you include your selling points in the first 3 lines of your copy.

A short and sweet copy should be easy to understand and quickly know what if offering, its benefits and what’s next.

4/ Emphasis on scarcity and urgency

Generally, people don’t like ads. They don’t like a stranger turning up in their feeds and trying to sell something, unless your ads speak to a pain point that customers have or benefits that solve their problems.

Fear of missing out theory can be used to create urgency. In some cases, you can include a limited time offer, like “Limited offer! 3 days left”. People who are already aware of your products will click to the ads to not be missing out on this advantage.

Another practice can be applied in writing your copy is to provoke curiosity. To do so, you should be aware of the balance between vague and specific. Don’t create a vague copy that the audiences don’t understand, but also don’t give them specific details so they won’t learn more.

5/ Use numbers in copy

Numbers can impress people and grab their attention significantly. Including the social proof or statistics of your value will help you win the deal. People are likely to trust your ads and your offers by these numbers. The more specific the number, the better.

If you’re trying to get people to register for your webinar, share how many people already signed up. Or, if you want to promote your service, just simply mention how many customers have chosen your service.

6/ Never forget call to action

At the end, you want your ads converted. It doesn’t matter how great the product and services you are trying to promote or your images and videos on the ad; if you don’t have call-to-action. The best ad copy is the one that has a clear goal which tells the audience what they should do.

Never forget to include call-to-action in your copy. Your ads need to be wrapped up by appropriate and specific CTA. Remember to provide one CTA only. If you have more than one, you are putting yourself at risk of confusing audiences and they are less likely to take action.