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8 Tips to Promote Your Ecommerce Website and Boost Online Sales

Having an online store is a big advantage to reach people online and increase your total sales. To boost the online sales, you should have a smart strategy to promote your website and reach many potential customers. Here are some tips:

Reach More People on Social Media

First and foremost, you should have your business social media profiles. There are tons of social media platforms out there to let you promote your business and it’s FREE. The reason why social media is a powerful marketing tactic is people are increasingly spending their time on them while social media developers are constantly innovating their platforms to provide new features and give them the best user experience.

Social media is a potential source to find and reach new customers. According to Statista, an estimated 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide and this number is expected to increase to 4.4 billion in 2025. The market leader in the social media industry is Facebook, with approximately 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. In addition, the biggest photo-sharing platform – Instagram, has one billion monthly active users worldwide. In Australia, the number of monthly active users in Facebook and Instagram are 16 million and 9 million, respectively.

Those numbers are impressive and your opportunities are massive. It is proven that social media plays an important part of influencing purchase behaviours and shopping journeys. People use social media to learn about the brand they love and to read the feedback about the products they are going to purchase. Businesses use social media to introduce their products, their brand and give users “experience” of their products.

The advantages of social media are obvious. However, not all social media platforms are suitable to promote your business. Depending on the industry you are working on and your potential customers that you can decide the right platforms for your business. Keep in mind that to be successful, you should plan ahead the strategy to make sure you are on the right track.

Start Video Tutorials and Blogs

Video marketing is a major trend from 2017 and it is still the top marketing tactic. You can either have your own YouTube channel or upload the video directly on social media. The content on the Internet is made up majorly by video and the percentage of video content is expected to increase dramatically in the future.

Video can reach a large and engaged audience. You can start building video tutorials to teach the audience how to do something related to your products (how to apply serum correctly, how to match these trousers in different styles, ect). Another idea of video content is reviews and experience of using the products. YouTube, the second largest search engine platform, is the place customers use to find reviews of products before they spend money.

Moreover, information from video content is usually quick to consume, so that you can influence the purchase decision and gain loyal fans and followers quickly.

Another approach is to build a blog. Although blog takes years to develop, this is one of the most effective and saving approaches to reach the audience. Building a blog requires you have passion and well understand the subject matter to bring the most high-quality content to the audience. As long as you bring the true value to the audience, your authority and reputation will build up over time.

Having a blog on your website helps you build brand awareness and establish yourself in your industry. Blogs help the audience answer the questions they might have about the products or services and your brand. By giving the valuable information to your users, you can appear on the first page of the search engine when the audience searches for the question. So, blogs can help you increase organic traffic to your website.

Do remember that either video tutorial or blog, you should focus on providing value to the customers without less concern for profits. The value you bring to the audience helps you build trust and gain loyal customers in the future.

Develop Customer Relationship by Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-saving method but gives you the most of return on investment. According to a study, the median email marketing ROI is 122% that is much higher than other marketing tactics. The conversion rate of email marketing is also higher than other marketing strategies, while the cost for email marketing is relatively low.

Email marketing is a good way to build relationships with customers and how you care about them. For example, you can send them the special discount code to thank them for being a subscriber. Using the personalised email, you are able to send them a gift on their birthday or send them the list of products they might be interested in. Another way to interact with your customers is asking for feedback after a few days they made the purchase.

Email marketing can reach a large number of audiences at ease. As long as you have your email list, you can send to as many people as you want just one click. Email marketing gives you control over how many people you want to send the marketing message, and you can adjust the number based on your marketing strategy.

However, the trouble here is how to build a big email list. While email lists can be from previous customers and subscribers, you need a strategy to collect new email from your potential customers. It requires effort as you need to provide value in exchange for customer’s emails. For example, making a free ebook or giving a special discount or gifts.

List Your Business Name on Big Local Listings

One thing you can’t be missed when you run a local business is to list your business name on big local listings. The listings allow customers to find you easily and expand the probability that customers can find you.

The most popular listing is Google My Business. This allows you to upload the information about your business online, so when people make a search query about your business, you can appear on the first page of Google Search and Google Map. Google My Business is helpful for local businesses when people who stand in the area of your physical stores make a search query about the products you offer, your business information will appear in their search results.

Other big listing services are Yellow Pages, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Bing, ect. They are all free. All you need to do is fill in the form and register, then get verified to confirm that the business belongs to you. Because of its usefulness, it is worth taking the few minutes to set up.

Join Community and Contribute to the Industry-specific Forum

There are many communities and forums on the Internet to join in which are specific to your industry. People think forums and communities are for SEO link buildings, but it’s not. In fact, you won’t get any benefits if you create an account and spam links on these conversations.

The recommendation here is to contribute to the conversation, add value, answer the question at the best of your expertise. Just don’t try to direct people to your website by spammy links. You can get visits from the discussion by adding your website link in your signature, as long as this meets the rules of the forums.

Optimise Website for Organic Searches

People are searching your products online. If you aren’t in a high rank on Google search result pages, you will miss the opportunities of your competitors. Therefore, you should optimise your website in order to be in front of customers, whenever they need you.

When we’re talking about SEO, we mean organic traffic. Organic traffic means steady and high intentions. When people make a search query about a product or service, they have high intention to buy this product or service. Being in the first page of search engine results proves that your page is highly relevant and people are likely to make purchases from your website.

Standing on the first page is not an easy task. In fact, it requires you lots of time and effort since SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. You won’t see a big difference after one night. However, once you get to a high position, you can enjoy the massive benefits from it, and these benefits last until someone beats you to replace your position. Don’t worry about being beaten, it is as difficult as you get to this high rank. But you should keep your eyes on your SEO strategy and find new opportunities regularly.

Work with Influencers in Your Industry

Influencer marketing is favourable recently because of the expansion of social media. Today, influencers play an important role in influencing people’s lifestyle and purchase behaviour. With a high number of followers, endorsing a product on influence’s feed will reach many potential customers and have a greater impact on your sales.

To reach those influencers, you should approach the ones who are in your industry and have the same vibe as your business. It is better to approach influencers whose fans are your potential customers. There are many ways to work with influencers. While in most circumstances, endorsing a product won’t be free, you can pitch to them briefly and honestly how your product could be a good fit to their followers and endorse your product could bring value to this influencer. Otherwise, you can give them free samples and sincerely ask them feedback posted on their social media account or go into an agreement to pay compensation.

Buy Online Ads

This is my last recommendation but it is one of the most effective strategies to reach customers and boost online sales. Although it costs you a budget for running an advertising campaign, you can get the results quickly with less effort.

When I say it is an effective strategy, this means online advertising is becoming more result-proven and money-worthy. Online advertising service providers (like Facebook and Google) are providing exceptional targeting features to help your business target the right people, at the right time and the right place. They provide many ways to approach customers. You can advertise to people who already know you, who are still considering you and who never heard about you but have the interest in the products or services you offer.

Today’s online advertising gives you more control over the budget you want to spend, who you want to expose the ads to and where you want to place your ads. You can build your own advertising strategy, either a small business with low advertising budget or a big corporation with a large amount of advertising investment.

Most of the tips I recommend here are effective and money-saving strategies. Depending on your business nature and budget, you can find the best combination. Keep in mind that if you don’t expand your online reach, you’ll never get your sales increased.

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