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Brand Communications Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has been taken our daily lives and the economy upside down. This outbreak poses severe damage to any business, especially small and medium enterprises, suffering from bad financial situations and jeopardizing the business operation.

As many businesses remain communicating through social media channels, the challenge of providing accurate and honest information should be top of their agenda to not let audiences get panic and stay informed. Here are some tips to handle your brand communications in the age of the health crisis.

1/ Doing the right thing

It is so important to have a crisis management plan in place to deal with the situation. Yet, due to the nature and scale of small and medium businesses, some are not up to cope with this health crisis. Therefore, providing trustful and accurate information to the audiences from reputable sources is what they should do to alleviate the unexpected disruption.

2/ Being aware of fake news

Some people even take advantage of this as marketing opportunities and selling time, but it is of more harm than good. Drawing in audiences and engagement by fake news can result in lowering your business credibility in the long run. To spread any willing message, the brand needs to be very cautious when posting something online. If misinformation has been disseminated, it may cause panic and disruption.

3/ Regularly communicating with your audiences

At the centre of the crisis, sharing what is concerned with customer health is our top priority. A piece of advice on how to stay safe and symptoms of the virus may be helpful than ever. Besides, any adjustment in your businesses should be updated online through your social media channels or website for them to easily keep abreast of. As the demand for products and services increases, any changes in your business will be likely to affect your customers if not implemented collectively.

4/ Strengthening internal communication with your employees

Any company needs to keep communicating with your employees about your crisis plan and contingency plan during the outbreak. This would limit any disruption and anxiety caused by the outbreak. Mentioning what your business can do to support your employees and any policy in support of their wellbeing is critical in this sensitive situation.

Source: Imaginasium

5/ Paying attention to your tone of voice

Being sounded as thoughtful and understanding at this time is truly better than considering as sarcastic, irony and humorous. Using the normal tone of voice when you are typically trying to sell your product will not work well. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand how they feel and effectively deliver the message.

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