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Marketing for Salons

Turning dreams into a reality

We know that all beauty shop owners have dreams for their shop. Whether it was to franchise their shops, expand their offering or create new locations. Whatever it is, digital marketing will help get you there. 

Why Your Beauty Salon Need Digital Marketing

Whether it’s nails, hair or skin, you name it, we’ve got it. Our digital marketing services cover a whole range when it comes to beauty shops. Although there might be a high demand for beauty services, it is also a saturated market, where there is either a hairdresser or nail salon on every corner. That’s why we work with you to improve your advertising, up your marketing and boost your sales, so that you can finally get your name on the map like you deserve.


What’s the one thing people look for in a beauty shop? Quality service. That’s why it’s our job to spread your high quality services far and wide, in order to attract more potential customers and be known within your industry. Our online advertising and digital marketing for beauty shops consists of a number of different tools to grow your audience. That means, SEO, social media, brand development, media production and more. 

If you feel like your beauty shop could do with a facelift in order to raise brand awareness and attract more clients, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Digital Marketing for Beauty Salons
We are Intelligence4start

We are Intelligence4start

Intelligence4start is a Melbourne based digital marketing agency. We help our clients grow quickly using the best digital strategies along with the most current marketing trends.

Our team is a vibrant mix of digital marketing experts, designers, producers, developers, and copywriters. We offer multiple choices of packages that totally "fit your wallet".

Our focus is to enable businesses to embrace digital transformation and deliver personal, seamless and differentiated experiences to their customers.

Our Services

- Social Media Management
- Copywriting
- Website Building and Management
- Paid Ads
- Marketing Analytics
- Photography/Videography

Our Approach

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, beauty industry or just trying to get your start-up off the ground, our plethora of digital marketing strategies are designed to help you. Through our integrated digital marketing strategy, we can use a number of our different marketing and advertising services to help you achieve the results you need in order to form a cohesive online approach to your business.

Engaging Content Creation

Content creation can be deemed pointless if it is not engaging and executed properly. That means, having high quality imagery, interesting and thought provoking text, and professional videography, in order to make your audience want more. Your content is what is going to set you aside from the crowd, get people talking and sharing your work, and grow your customer audience all at the same time.

Lead Generation and Maximisation

Lead generation, in other words, sparking an interest or inquiry by a potential customer, is built through digital marketing. The more leads you have, the more chance you have at growing your audience and increasing your sales. It is our job to increase your leads as well as maximise them, so that those leads turn into profits for your business. 

Our Process






Why Choose Our Digital Marketing Agency 

We do it all.

If you can’t decide on which digital marketing service is right for you, we have got you covered. Our highly trained team will sit down with you to discuss which path is best suited to your brand. We take it from there, so you can sit back and get back to what you do best. 

We customise each approach.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to digital marketing. We understand that each brand and business is different and unique in their own special way. That’s why it is our job to find the right formula that works for you. We can customise an approach that is bespoke to your brand, so that you can get the most out of your marketing investments.

We leave no stone understanding

We are a hard working and dedicated team. We have professionals who specialise in their own realm of digital marketing. From SEO, to photography, personal branding and social media. Each are experts at what they do and will leave no stone unturned until they get the results that you set out to achieve.