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How to Create a Successful Facebook Ads for Your Business in 2020

Have you ever thought about creating an effective Facebook Ads that help to increase engagement and reactions to your Business?

If this is your concern when running Facebook Ads for your business, let check out these 8 secrets to optimize your Facebook Ads in 2020!

Keep it straightforward.

In most cases, people only read 2-3 first sentences in an Ads before deciding to continue reading or keep scrolling. Therefore, make sure that your first 3 sentences in your Facebook Ads will be attractive, outstanding and direct focus on answering the audience’s needs.

For example, you can hype it up with a sense of urgency, like: “Limited offer! 3 days left.” By giving your viewer a due date, they’ll get clicks and increase website traffic sooner rather than later.

Build Up Your Trust

One of the biggest issues on Facebook Ads is “People afraid to be cheating”. The best way to increase your trust and make people know that your post is not a “scam” is by using the phrases as: “Risk-free” or “30 Days Money back guarantee.”

When people don’t have fear of being scam, they will feel more confident to click to your ads.

Targeting a specific niche

If you run a successful Facebook Ads, it means you can create more leads or engagements rather than reach. The recommendation is to make sure to target in a specific niche of your clients instead of using general targets.

For example, if you want to promote your Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne CBD, you will want to target the people who love Vietnamese food and live in Melbourne instead of anyone who lives in Australia and loves Vietnamese food.

The more specific you create for your target group, the more potential clients you can reach.

Using The Real Data

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. People love data, so try to include the social proof, or statistics to evidence for your ads. For example, you have a Vietnamese restaurant that has 1000 customers, or you established from 1980 until now.

Yes, let share the real numbers to evidence for your value and what you can bring to the customers in your Facebook Ads. People love to eat at the restaurant that has a many decades of history or serviced thousands of people per day.

Or if you are not at this level, you can show how many Top Selling products in your store. People will love it!

Always Call To Action

“Try Now! Book Now! Shop Now!”These are a little bit forceful. But it doesn’t mean you are bossy, you are helping them to make the decision faster! Therefore, make sure to add your Call To Actions to your Facebook Ads so that viewers know exactly what next thing to click.

Using Emojis

Do you know that emoji will help to increase up to 35% of the emotion of the viewer when they see your Ads? This is because Emoji are so attractive and value “thousands of words”.

Remember to have emojis in your text Ads!

These are 6 secrets that will help you to bring your Facebook Ads game to a higher level in 2020. Let’s start to thrive your business on Facebook TODAY!

If you need any further information or support with social media to grow your business. Don’t hesitate to connect with us to get FREE advice!