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How to Get Your Personal Branding Strategy On the Right Track?

Personal branding indeed has something to do with brand reputation. As identified in the prior blog “What is personal branding and tips on how to branding yourself” with crystal-clear personal branding tips, aligning with promising benefits it might bring, it is time to execute and bring your branding strategy to life.

1. Beginning with specific keywords relevant to your profession and skills

Having high ranked keywords embedded on search engines when your niche audiences are likely to find increases the chance for them first to get to know who you are, what skills you possess, and drive more traffic for your personal channels in general. When it comes to their needs for a solution related to high skilled professions, much more time and effort are spent on their decision-making process than those spent on physical goods, pretty much depending on trustworthiness, reputation and emotional attachment that your personal brand relates to them.

Source: Business 2 Community

For those who just are set out to building a personal brand, if your niche market does not already know you, having your name and top skills appear on the search engine result page is the must-do to kick off your strategy. Remaining on the top of the search results undoubtfully extends your reach.

If possible, an SEO strategy should be integrated into this step to make your personal brand appear in front of many potential customers. In addition, if you complete this step, try out to ask positive reviews from your audiences as these will build up online trust for your personal branding.

2. Optimising your personal website

After seeing your name on the search page, your audiences will jump to your personal website to get more info. It is time to shine. Being authentic to yourself is a must as trying to fake as someone else sooner or later destroys your reputation.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”– Warren Buffett

Showcasing your skills, background and expertise there should be on your checklist. Make it impressive and professional to draw the audience at first sight.

Take advantage of the “About Me” section to tell your story and make a connection with them both in personal and professional ways.

Source: The Michael Kuzilny Show

Beside optimising relevant keywords on your website, be smart and selective in organising each section, your professional photo, content, structure, and content to create a unifying theme.

Don’t forget to fine-tune your voice as it does matter. What you say and how you say it would define how your audiences perceive you, therefore affecting your brand image and identity if not controlled well.

Source: Google

3. Revamping your social media channels and linking all channels to your website

For personal branding, along with the website, LinkedIn is the most used channel to capitalise on. Because 1 out of every three professionals on the planet is on LinkedIn. If you are not social media savvy, you miss out on the opportunity to get more audiences.

“LinkedIn is no longer an online resume. It is your digital reputation” Jill Rowley

Source: LinkedIn

Other channels, if appropriate, deploy them into your strategy to maximise the reach that you can get. Be mindful of the channels your niche market is using to invest in properly.

4/ Monitoring and auditing the results

Before implementing your branding strategy, you already set out a couple of objectives that need to fulfill for example reach, clickthrough rate, traffic, number of downloads or conversion. Keep an eye on these metrics to measure your success.

Source: Klipfolio

However, reputation must be the final goal that any personal branding strategy is aimed for, which cannot be measured in quantity. It comes with challenges, growing and nurturing a personal brand is no easy feat.

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