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How to Post Food Photos That Blow Your Customers’ Minds

Let’s feast their eyes on mouth-watering photos before satisfying their hunger.

Great photos of your dishes are what trigger your customers’ taste buds and make them think right away about your restaurant. Capturing tempting photos to post on your social channels has not been the job of a professional photographer anymore. Everyone now is a photographer. If you are a restaurant owner, who at the same time, manages your social media channels, here are some ultimate tips that help spark your restaurant’s media channels.

1/ Lighting

Lighting is everything. Natural light is the best option for every stunning photo as it brings some sort of vividness for the shoot. This source of light comes from nature so we can take advantage of it as much as we can. Some can experiment with other lighting types coming from artificial light, light bulb or overhead light, it is too overwhelmed for new beginners.

Source: Twolovestudio

How can we have the best source of light?

You should try to take pictures at different times of the day and from different angles to find out the most suitable because the light changes based on location and season. Make sure that the natural light is not too harsh for or too dim. The best source is indirect light from the sun that reflects a soft glow and balance out highlight and shadow for the object.

2/ Composition

You may notice that a good food photo is composed of a vivid background of styling tools such as utensils, food ingredients to brighten up the whole set. If you want to make your dish more visible, put it in the focus of the photo to bring such an effect.

How to have a great composition?

The easiest way is to remember the rule of thirds. You can put your main objects on the intersections where the audience’s eyes are mostly fallen into. There are also more composition types namely using numbers (odd number of subjects), lines (diagonal direction), negative space that you might consider later to level up your skills. Indeed, rules are just rules. Don’t play it safe, try to play around the composition to have the best food photo.

Source: Thatssage

3/ Angle

The most preferred angle for food photography is 45 degrees. But it is so popular that you catch any food images from the top-down or straight-on angle, much depending on the layers and depth of the dish.

Source: Intelligence4start

How to get the best angle?

Different angles work best for different types of food. For example, a 45-degree angle is perfect for close-up shots of dishes in glasses or mugs, cupcakes or smoothie bowls whilst the lower angle can show multiple layers of your food, which is the best fit for layer cakes or burgers. To simplify it, if your food is flat, go with angles from 45 degrees to overhead. Otherwise, you should explore the angle between straight on to 45 degrees.

Source: Digital Photography School

4/ A consistent theme for your feed

Having a unifying theme creates a catching and professional look for your restaurant. Besides the consistency in the post content in how to create compelling content for your restaurant,

find a cohesive theme that you want your restaurant feed to look like and stick to it. You can opt for a neutral, colourful or muted theme, depend on the style that you are pursuing.

How to make all of your posts look unified?

Filters in photo apps can give you the best look ever. Try out as many filters and color settings as possible to pick out the best fit, then save for the next use. Some handy and easy to use apps you can try are Vsco, Snapseed, Foodie, Cymera, Lightroom, Photoshop and so forth.

In a nutshell, a stunning photo comes along with proper lighting, proposition, angle, and photo techniques that anyone can become master of if regularly practicing. Don’t forget to check out the list before uploading any food photo on your channels or our services are available to help you out.

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