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Last-minute Christmas Marketing ideas for your Business

Ho…ho…ho! Merry Christmas season. For business, Christmas is the best time to make a “home run” for the sales of your business for the whole year.

Obviously, December is the busiest time of the year for these businesses. Especially after half of the year in lockdown, people rush out of the street for the need of socializing and rewarding themselves. This is a special chance to attract new customers, impress frequent visitors, and convivial the crowds.

It’s less than one month till Christmas, have you fully- prepared for the Christmas marketing ideas campaign? Hopefully, we would like to hear “yes”. However, what if you’re a little bit behind?

Don’t panic. Our last-minute marketing strategies will make sure that you won’t miss the shopping party of your customers. No matter what your business is about, Intelligence4Start will get you covered.

Offer a Christmas-themed bundle for a Special price

Offering special sets with attractive prices provides your customers with a good excuse to spend money, considering the fact that people consider this time of the year the shopping season. To be specific:

  • Restaurant/ catering services: Set menu for family gatherings, friend’s parties or Year-end dinners for the offices
  • Spa/ Beauty salon: Bundle of services that usually go together, such as Hair cuts, Hair colouring, and hair treatment. Combine them together at amazing prices, and it will definitely satisfy your customers.

You can choose the Terms & conditions for these sets, depending on the financial situation as well as the demand of your visitors. The special offer can run for the whole month of December, or as many days as your choice.

Let’s have a look at the 7-day- offer from Easi. For 12 days, different Christmas deals will be provided to the customers. By announcing on Social media and their website, Easi will arouse curiosity as well as the expectation from their customers.

Organize entertainment

People love entertainment, especially in December. Music, dance, and a couple of events will definitely lift the mood of your visitors and enhance the customer experience. You can invite a local singer/ band to come to your restaurant, or organize a lucky draw event for all visitors. Such special events will add more Christmas vibe to your brand, and make your customers happy.

Paint the window with a holiday theme

What is the most visible way to demonstrate the Christmas theme for restaurants/ beauty salons/ retail stores? Let’s utilize the power of the business window. Have you ever noticed the long queue of people waiting for the Christmas windows of Myer in Melbourne? That even becomes a “ritual” for Melbourians every Christmas. Needless to say, decorating your business’ windows with Christmas will attract the attention of the passerby to your store. We have some tips for your restaurants/ beauty salons so that you can impress your customers with decoration ideas:

  • Tell a story via your decoration. Create a Christmas story that relates to your business.
  • Make use of the electronic panel (if you have one) or 3D decoration so that your work of art will stand out amongst the crowd, especially if your neighbourhoods are already full of Christmas decor.

Dressing your staff with Christmas colour

Don’t just decorate your physical stores and forget the employees- who directly deliver your service. You can dress your employees in red and white colour- the signature of Christmas. You have to admit that, by looking at the employees with a red/ white dress code, Christmas seems around the corner.

Print special holiday promotional- event notices or seasonal messages on takeaway containers/ bags

Let’s make use of every method that can help to promote your brand. Carryout container/ bag is the most popular way that you can use. Your brand identity will appear on the table of the customers as a reminder of your business.

Take the example of Starbucks every Christmas. They even develop the business of selling merchants, such as glasses, cups, and mugs with Christmas themes. Such ideas have generated huge attention from people, and become a hit for the brand. To be honest, many die-hard fans of Starbucks are eager to buy these specialised-decorated cups every year, which contributes to the sales of this coffee brand.

Integrate your Online presence and Physical stores

One mistake that business owners usually make while decorating for Christmas is that they forgo the look of their online presence. You should bear in mind that your online stores should have the same “visual presence” as the physical ones. According to the survey, 36% of consumers now visit Online retail stores before making a purchase. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have a tendency to shop online and stay away from the crowd. As a result, your website should be updated to meet the increasing demand from visitors. Needless to say, you can totally rocket your revenues with the profits coming from your website.

In order to accommodate Online shopping behaviours, you definitely should check these SEO guides for a profitable Holiday season.

Appreciation gestures

It’s the final month of 2022. As a tradition, this is the best time to show your appreciation to all of your stakeholders. Some of these ideas will help to strengthen your relationship with customers, remind them of your brand as well as bring some joy to other people:

  • Send personalised Christmas cards/ gifts: By spending some time giving personalised gift cards, the receivers can feel the authenticity in your thank you, and will really appreciate those efforts. Don’t underestimate the power of hand-written cards. It’s thoughtful, it’s lovely, it’s unexpected, and then, it will leave a strong impression in your customers’ minds.
  • Create Christmas packages for your loyal clients: According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. You can create a Christmas campaign, using the existing contact list as a way to re-marketing.

In a nutshell

During this Festive time of the year, people are willing to spend more money to have quality time with their families, friends, and business associations. By embracing the Holiday spirit in your Brand identity and Presence, you can deliver memorable experiences for your customers, encourage them to go with your business, and ultimately become your loyal customers in the future. Ideally, plans for Christmas marketing ideas should be prepared in advance, however, it’s better late than never. Let’s utilize any opportunity to bring your brand in front of the customers at Christmas.

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