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Personal Branding and Its Importance

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is how to promote yourself and make you distinctive from others in the same profession. In other words, personal branding is cohesively associated with your reputation. Though people think that just business owners and big figures go for branding for the sake of their businesses, personal branding goes above and beyond these targets, aimed for anyone in their specific profession who desire to make their “personal brand” stand out such as keynote speakers, influencers, thought leaders, freelancers, entrepreneurs and so forth.

The purpose of personal branding is around how to “sell” yourself

Benefits of building your personal brand around your expertise

Establishing your reputation

In this business world, clients and customers are more inclined to choose to work with someone trustworthy and knowledgeable. That is why your reputation is anchored and win their trust. However, reputation is not something instantly built for a short time but needs constant efforts to be made. To deep dive, a good reputation comes from the alignment of how others perceive you and how you want them to be perceived. Therefore, remaining a strong and sound reputation where your customers are bought in is the top agenda for your personal branding if you desire to reap its long-term benefits later.

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Making you unique and distinctive in your expertise

With the competitions in any industry, setting up a unique image of a high-qualified expert in your area is what draws customers to come to you. Showcasing your skills, experience and personal stories is often well leveraged by high-skilled experts when it comes to personal branding.

Fostering your competencies and influence

It is no denying if someone with strong personal branding can make a huge influence on customers over those with no branding by winning more customers, landing a good position or aggregating more followers. Such an intangible power of personal branding is hard to visualise if you don’t embark on building it right away.

Source: Reputationtoday

How to kick off your personal branding strategy

A personal branding strategy is needed from the outset

Here are some tips that you can tap into when embarking on the personal branding journey

Knowing yourself

First and foremost, let ask yourself what your core values and benefits along with your expertise that you are about to offer your potential audiences. These are invaluable assets that you will be nailing on throughout your personal branding strategy.

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Articulating your objectives through your vision, mission, and message

It is like the process of branding for a business. But wait, until you write down and visualise the measure for your personal branding success, you’ll know where and how to start.

Defining your audiences

It is always the basic thing to ask yourself who are you targeting to, what are the common traits and motivations they share. Bear in mind that, if you target all, you will win no one. This step will essentially lay a foundation for creating a unifying message and content to win them later.

Revealing your USP and giving a tempting offer

Knowing your competencies and the target audience’s pain points helps you draw in your unique selling point and make sense of why your audiences need to pay for in an attempt to address their needs.

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Optimising relevant channels

Personal website, social media channels, PR events, workshops, social networking events and more should create a synergistic effect on how you brand yourself coupled with useful content, professional image, social proof, personal story and value proposition. Be mindful that every single element will come to attach to your image, so make sure that they are consistent and deliver an outcome that they were planned to.

Source: Relauncher

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