Answer Your Concerns about Ecommerce Website

Updated: Sep 8

Concerns about Ecommerce Website

One important aspect of technology is electronic commerce where the transactions are conducted via the Internet. The emergence of Ecommerce brought countless opportunities for sellers and convenience for buyers. That’s the reason why businesses shouldn’t ignore this opportunity.

Starting an online business, as well as having an ecommerce website is a considerable decision and investment. To many business owners, there are many concerns that haven't been answered. This article is trying to address some significant concerns that business owners have when starting an online business.

Is ecommerce profitable?

Is ecommerce profitable?

Absolutely yes!

Selling products or services online is profitable, even with a small or large budget. No matter how much the price of the products or services, by doing right, selling online will give you high returns on investment.

With the businesses having limited budgets and limited number of products, a minimal ecommerce website with necessary features is just enough to gain the profit. By contrast, a large corporation with huge budgets and numerous products needs a more complicated ecommerce platform to meet the expectations of customers.

Whatever the scale of the business, doing an online store is giving customers flexibility. They have the control over when to buy, how to buy, whether to take offers, ect. Imagine that a brick-and-mortar store can open up to 12 hours per day, while an online store can be accessed 24/7/365, even holidays. Therefore, you won’t miss customers at whatever time of the day.

Is an ecommerce website expensive?

Is an ecommerce website expensive?

Yes and No.

Basically, an ecommerce website isn’t expensive and this is a worthy investment. Compared to an offline store which costs you a lot of money in renting, setting up, decors, equipment, utilities and staff salaries; an ecommerce website costs your money for development and maintenance.

These days, there are many ecommerce website builders that you can take to build your online store at a minimum price. These website builders provide you what you need for an ecommerce website with low cost. They are easy to set up and less coding-knowledge required.

However, for a large business with many product lines and complicated features, the cost of website development can be huge. This is expensive because professionals have to build custom features, which can’t be found on the ecommerce website builder market.

The price of an ecommerce website depends on how complicated the website is and the level of customisation. For small and medium businesses, which require basic features and don’t have so many custom and complicated requirements, the cost of an ecommerce website is relatively cheap. There are many website design agencies that offer ecommerce website development with competitive prices out there.

Can I build my ecommerce website by myself?

Can I build my ecommerce website by myself?

Definitely, you can.

As I mentioned before, there are many ecommerce website builders in the market. They are Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress, Magento, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Weebly, name of a few. These website builders allow you to set up an ecommerce website at ease because of their user-friendly interface and tons of online instructions and tutorials. Most of these platforms have premade plugins. These are the features you need for a basic ecommerce website. All you need to do is download and install them.

However, you need to have some basic understanding about how an ecommerce website works, so as to be able to set up an online store effectively. This is not about how to code and how to build a program, but it is about how an ecommerce website works and what features are needed.

Sometimes, watching online tutorials can be frustrating. One easier solution to save your time is hire a professional. An experienced professional understands what your website needs to have and what your customer expectations. This is because they have been in this industry for a while and they always keep up with the trends. A website made by professionals can fulfil the needs of the customers and stay competitive in the industry.