Backlink Building Strategies - The 2020 Lists

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

We may overheard that backlink building is hard. It’s true! Backlink building isn’t easy if we don’t have smart strategies.

Here is the list of strategies that truly WORK for your backlink building strategies.

link bail in backlink building

1. Link Bait

Link bait is the process of creating content with the aim to attract people to reference.

Link bait works for backlink building because the only purpose of this content is to build backlinks (of course, you need to create a highly quality content if you want people to link to yours).

What I meant by highly quality content is that the content needs to be engageable and easily shareable. The content for link bait needs to be valuable, invoke some sense of emotions, and highly visual.

Generally, the best types of content for link bait strategy are complete guides or resources, researches, studies or surveys, statistics or case studies, ect.

Link bait is time consuming because you need to promote your link bait. If you publish amazing content without promoting, no one's gonna see it and no one’s gonna link to you.

Links can be promoted on social media or outreach.

Social media is simple in that you share content on your social media platforms and tell your fans that you’ve just released an interesting piece of content. If you want, you can run social media paid ads for that content in order to increase your reach.

Outreach is reaching out to people that you think they might enjoy your content. Targeted people you want to reach are the one who mentions your targeted keywords in their articles or the one who links to similar articles on the topic.

Link bait is the purest form of backlink building strategies. This strategy takes lots of your efforts, but high returns and low risk. If possible, your business definitely should take link bait as one of SEO strategies.

linkable assets in backlink building

2. Linkable Media

Not only textual content can be your backlink building strategy. In fact, visual assets can bring value to your ranking.

People love visual content because they are easy to grasp and easy to be saved and shared. Some visual content ideas can be used to “bait” the backlinks are infographic, charts, memes, GIFs, maps, quote images, illustrations, ect.

broken link building in backlink building

3. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the practice of building backlinks by replacing links to 404 pages with a working link.

The internet has lots of broken or disappearing links. Your opportunities are filling in these missing spots by relevant links.

Broken link building involves three simple steps: (1) find relevant broken links, (2) create content similarly to the broken link content, (3) ask the owner to replace the dead link by yours.

It is easier than link bait because when you pitch to a person, you offer your help, not asking for help.

There are few ways to find broken links, but the easiest way is to look for broken links from your competitors’ websites because their content is similar to yours.

unlinked mention in backlink building

4. Unlinked Mentions

You can reach out to the person who mentioned your business name without linking to you. This person is already familiar with your business, you are halfway towards earning a backlink. You just need a little move to reach out to that person.