Google Core Updates December 2020 and Impacts on Business

Google’s algorithms are a complex system to retrieve data from its search index and deliver the most relevant results within a fraction of seconds. By using a combination of algorithms and numerous ranking signals, Google can deliver the ranking of websites via its Search Engine results pages (SERPs). With more than 20 years of history as the most widely used search engine in the world and more than two trillion searches a year, Google must regularly update its system to keep up with the growing demands, improve the search experience with more relevant, useful, and trustworthy results.

The latest December 2020 Core Update

Google began to roll out this latest Core Algorithm update on 4th December 2020.

Google confirmed on the 3rd of December that they would begin rolling out their latest Google Core Algorithm Update on the 4th of December 2020.

Google’s Core Updates December 2020 and Impacts on Business

Since the 4th December 2020 updates, businesses may notice a positive or negative effect on their websites, depending on the E-A-T quality guidelines provided by Google. The updates from Google based on such E-T-A criteria include Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

Expertise: It refers to the level of knowledge or skill of the creator on the main content on the website. Google will evaluate primarily at the content- level to see whether the contents have credentials or evidence to back- up the information provided.

“Experts” does not always mean a famous/ influential creator. Instead, the definition for expertise will be based on the topic of the page. People who have relevant life experience in a particular topic can also be considered as experts without formal training required. For example, if that person is a food lover, his/ her detailed review for a restaurant can be seen as an expert on the website.

Authoritativeness: it’s all about the reputation of the main content creator. To rank the quality of the website, Google will look into the relevant information related to the background, credibility, references of the creators and rate the authority of them, which will affect the ranking of the website. For example, the most authoritative source of information for COVID-19 in Victoria, Australia is the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria.


Trust is about the transparency, legitimacy, and accuracy of the website and its content. Google will look into the sufficient contact information provided, the citing sources, the article must provide a satisfactory amount of accurate information, and external sources supported by expert consensus.

What does that mean for businesses?

When the Google core update happens, some changes will be made to the search engine algorithm and systems. Just last year, the search engine introduced more than 3,000 changes to Google Search. Sometimes, those changes are publicly announced but more often, Google updates go completely unnoticed. However, no matter the minor or significant changes those updates are, they will definitely have an impact on the SEO efforts of the business, resulting in changes in marketing and sales performance.

Winners & Losers

The latest Google core updates in December definitely created a stir in the SEO performance of many websites. Multiple sectors are affected across mobile and desktop search.

In general, the most affected industries are Real Estate, Alternative Medicine, Law, and Government. In the mobile search, Job & Education and Pets & Animals faced loss mostly. For the desktop search, Travel and Finance have suffered the loss.

The lists of winners and losers from December Core Updates 2020 are provided by SEMRush below.

Google’s Core Updates December 2020 and Impacts on Business
Google’s Core Updates December 2020 and Impacts on Business

On the first day of the December 2020 core updates, 10 sites that experienced the largest position increases include LinkedIn, eBay, Vimeo, and so on.

Google’s Core Updates December 2020 and Impacts on Business

On the other side, 10 SERP Losing domains are:

Google’s Core Updates December 2020 and Impacts on Business

Our Advises

1. Content is king

Refresh the old content to make it up-to-date

Updating the contents that are already available on your website is a good way to keep the quality of your website. From the past till the December core updates 2020, Google has always supported sites with expertise and relevant content. For example, if your business sells sneakers, and you have one blog post in 2020 talking about the best sneakers of all time, then in 2021, you still can edit this post with more up-to-date sneakers styles.

Produce the new content regularly

Google algorithms love fresh, high- quality content that follows best-in-class industry practices. Businesses should maintain the frequency of blog updates with relevant knowledge of industries and insights from experts. By doing so, your website will get indexed by this search engine.

You can hire an expert in your particular industry to produce high-quality content if you don't have one.

The customers' feedbacks can also be seen as the daily- life expertise content, FYI.

Remove low word count posts