6 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Campaign Fail for Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 12

Facebook Ads is an effective marketing strategy and becoming popular options for small businesses because of similarity and efficiency.

Despite the fact that over 6 million businesses are using Facebook Ads to reach their potential customers, 60% of businesses have claimed that Facebook Ads miss their target. This doesn’t mean Facebook Ads won’t work on small businesses. The myth is that people often make mistakes when setting up a Facebook Ads campaign.

why your facebook ads fail

Yes, advertising on Facebook is simple and straightforward, unless you are aware of those problems.

Don’t understand your marketing goals

I have to re-enforce the importance of understanding marketing objectives before running a campaign. Every penny you paid for marketing activity has reasons. If you don’t get the right objective from the beginning, you are burning your money.

Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve from this campaign? Do you want to raise awareness because you are new to social media, or do you want to boost sales because you have launched a new product? No one can understand your business better than you - the business owner.

why your facebook ads fail

Target irrelevant audience

After understanding your business, you need to know your audience. More than 1.73 billion people are using Facebook every day and Facebook is doing good work in providing a very precise target function. However, many businesses fail with Facebook Ads because they are targeting too broad, too narrow or irrelevant customers.

To target more precisely, you should take a moment to understand your customers’ traits and characteristics. Start creating buyer personas, purchase journeys and insights about customers goals, needs, fears, problems and frustrations. Think like your customers! You will get more leads if your ads can answer the customers’ needs.

Facebook offers a great function to let you create a lookalike audience. This is a new way to reach new people who are similar to your current customers. However, to take advantage of lookalike audiences, you must have the right targeted source audience.

Leave campaigns on their own

People believe that all they need to do is setting up a Facebook Ads campaign and wait for magic happens. I do agree that Facebook will help you find the one who’s likely to convert your ads, but you need to keep your eyes on the campaign to have better control.

Cost-per-click can rise quickly and daily. If you leave your ads run by themselves, the efficiency will decline over time. Therefore, the best recommendation is to stay alert on your campaign and optimize or make a change when possible.

Use wrong (or no) call-to-action

There will be a big mistake if your ads don’t have call-to-action, even if you have a compelling ad copy and images. When people don’t know what action they can take, they will jump to the next post. You’ve lost your chance!

Some popular call-to-actions usually used are: Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, etc. Each call-to-action serves a different purpose on your ads. Make sure you pick the right one and match it with the content people will find on your landing page.

why your facebook ads fail

The bad landing page experience

Do not blame your failure on ad copy or ad creatives. In fact, the majority of campaigns fail because of a badly designed landing page.

Landing pages play an important role in the numbers of conversion made by your ads. This is an achievement if people click on your landing page, but will be a regrettable failure if they won’t convert just because of poor landing page experience.

There is no reason why you have a good ad copy and creatives, but a poorly designed landing page. Keeping consistency between ad copy, creatives, and landing page will increase the lead generations for your business.

Don’t evaluate and optimize your Ads

As I mentioned above, you can’t leave your ads run by themselves without keeping your eyes on the performance. The truth is, ads need to be evaluated and optimised in a timely manner to reduce the money wasted and increase the results.