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Lucky Nickel is a real estate agent with more than 3 offices in the Westside of Melbourne. Starting from a strong foundation of client relationships, they operated and grew the business in their traditional way. However, since COVID-19, the market has been more attractive and competitive. As a result, many real estate agents were growing and finding many ways to approach potential customers. Taking action from there, Mr Tien – Director of Lucky Nickel – was seeking a website developer to renovate the company website as the first step to get into the digital world. To create a marketing website that effectively represents a professional and trustworthy agent in the real estate world, our team went through a proper process, including industry research, internal brainstorming, and external discussions to bring the best value for the client’s business. After 2 months of collaborating, we developed the website design and copywriting. Also, to ensure a professional look and feel for the company website, we provided a corporate photoshoot for all agents working for Lucky Nickel.

A new look of their website completely transforms the business’ online presence. Moreover, it increases traffic to the website and creates value for the company and customer experience.

Lucky Nickel
Lucky Nickel

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