Why do businesses need Food Photography?

Social media, especially Instagram, is being taken over by food photos. Every time you scroll, a food photo pops up, so it’s going to take a lot for your photo to stand out from the crowd.

Lighting and composition are some of the main points our food photography agency focuses on. We have all the professional equipment you need to make that showstopper dish come to life.

Everyone knows that the restaurant and cafe scene here in Melbourne is some of the best in the world, but it takes a great food photographer to get your place or product on the map. When customers are searching for a place to eat or a food brand to hire, the first place they’ll check is your gallery. When customers dine in at a restaurant, they no longer check the menu to see what food options there are, they check Instagram to see how the dishes look.

Times are changing and it’s up to us to help you stay on track, so that you can become the leading brand in your food industry.

Food Photography

Make your viewers drool

Food photography is it’s own realm of photography that requires precision and detail. Customers want to see delicious, beautiful and photo worthy food. Our photographers are trained when it comes to cafe, restaurant or food shoots. They know the best angles, lighting, backdrops and props to make your food shots pop.

Our Approach

Point and Shoot

A lot of people think that food photography is as simple as just pointing a camera and shooting. Unfortunately it’s a little more complex than that. You need the perfect set up in order to get the perfect shot. Lucky for you, our food photographers know just how to work the table to get that sweet spot.

They don’t Call it #foodporn for Nothing

The concept of #foodporn is taking social media by storm. Nowadays, people want to see that egg yolk drip, that chocolate pancake stack, that maple syrup drizzle and that coffee art pour. Food has become a work of art, with plating, colours and textures being used like never before.

Post-production is Key

As much as it’s about getting the perfect shot during the food photography shoot, it’s also all about processing your images, editing and post-production too. Editing is the perfect way to enhance your photos, sharpen your images, correct the lighting and make those colours pop.

Why you should choose our Food Photography Service?

We offer the complete package

Don’t be left high and dry with incomplete raw images. We offer the complete package from start to finish. From the photoshoot to post production, and everything in between, we include everything in our food photography package to save you time shopping around. Our food photography services include all the post-production so you can get the very best quality possible.

We know what customers want

We understand what the viewer and consumer wants, and we work hard to create just that. We break the boundaries, go one step further and get creative with our food photography, because life’s too short to be boring, right?

We fit in with you

Whether you’re a rustic wine bar, urban restaurant, moody lounge or bright brunch cafe, we create the perfect photos for you. Our job is to stay in line with your brand, so whether that means creating darker shots for your beverage company and brighter shots for your daytime cafe, we know the skills and edits to suit you.


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