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Tiktok: An Engaging Social Media Platform in 2020

The growth of TikTok has been explosive and impressive, opening up huge opportunities to reach out to the most sought-after consumers, Gen Z. Get the tips on how to get your strategy off on the right foot on this channel.


TikTok has been considered as a big hit of this year, rising to popularity with more than 800 million users from 154 countries worldwide. This is a short-video sharing application that encourages people to make and share videos with relevant hashtags to create a community, in which interestingly others can interact and remake the video in a form of challenge, dancing, meme, and joke. As such, it makes the headlines by engaging with more youngsters from 16 to 24 years old than other age groups. With an average of 52 minutes spent on a daily basis from 90% active users, Tiktok has become the most captivating platform for any business to present on. Some stats of this platform are below:

What makes Tiktok different from other apps?

Basically, TikTok’s interface is user-driven, showcasing “For You” feed right after users log into the app. Content has been curated around users’ interests. Functionally, it is tailored by the combination between self-directed feeds and recommendations based on what the user saw before, partially unlike the feeds of YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter being algorithm-oriented, which somehow surprises us in an obtrusive and assertive way.

Source: TechCrunch

Why Tiktok is engaging with young people?

Being a content creator and influencer

Every single audience can be a creator. It has gone the days the brand pushes videos to audiences in one way with the hope of getting responses back from them. In this day and age, it is the audience that creates a two-way interaction with the brand. Content is mainly created, re-made as well as re-purposed in a creative way.

Instant engagement and interaction within the community

It is recorded that video is the most engaging content to some extent, as such, Tiktok makes the most of the channel to enable users to engage and personalize their video in seek of interacting and connecting to the like-minded content creators. Prompt engagement and interaction are enticing vibes of the platform. Not to mention, no matter you are an influencer or an ordinary user, the chances of your video being viral are high if the content you create is truly disruptive.

A platform for a burst of wackiest things

If you are someone who embraces wackiest even crazy thoughts and ready to outshine, this platform is right for you.

Tips for businesses to engage in this platform

With a massive young population obsessed with the app and a high engagement rate, businesses are finding a way to get the message through this platform. Different from other social media channels, Tiktok is in the progress of connecting to its creators to brands and make a platform where both can create values. It may be not the right time for monetisation from your audiences but the best hub for knowing the type content your potential customers might get hooked.

Be mindful of the topics

As the nature of the model lies in creative and authentic user-generated content, any kind of content from the brand should appear tactically with a concern around its safety against controversial topics.

A fun piece of content is a must

As noted being a hub for creativity and fun, users find themselves entertained by goofy scenarios, quirky challenges, showing a genuine and funny aspect of your business suits well for this platform’s audiences.

Nail on a certain type of ads

Four types of ads that might be made use of by a business include infeed naive content, brand takeovers, hashtag challenges, and branded lenses. While infeed naive content shares some similarities with the Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories when it comes to a short 9-15 second video and typical metrics for measuring outcomes, brand takeovers embed links and hashtag challenges within a day, allowing brands to engage with the audience. Holding a competition for winning a prize is an effective way, incorporating both brand takeovers and hashtag challenges to get more reach and engagement.

Source The Drum

Trends on this platform

What is the best way to generate a trendy video? Here are some trends you can keep up with the latest thing on this channel.

  1. Mingle to meme culture
  2. Cooperate with influencers
  3. Start out comedy viral challenges
  4. And be on the trend

Simply, TikTok makes it easier for users as all trends have been showcased in the feed and ready for you to remake. Kick-off your video with ease by tapping into the trending dropdown bar.

Source: TikTok

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