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What is User Engaging Content and Ideas to Create User Engaging Content on Social Media

Getting attention from the audience on Social Media is an intensive competition. Creating content without strategy and alignment with marketing goals is meaningless. You won’t win the battles or get any attention from your audience if your content doesn’t provoke engagements.

What is User Engaging Content?

User Engaging Content is a piece of content that entices the audience to take some actions. These actions can be post share, like, click, comment, etc..

For marketers, to create engaging content, they need to determine what kind of action they want their audience to take on the content. Then, create specifically a piece of content that provokes this action.

Do remember to create the content that brings values to audiences. These values can be informational, emotional, inspirational, humorous, ect.

Why User Engaging Content?

User engaging content increases the interactions between the audience and the business. When the audience takes action on your social media post, this will drive organic traffic to your website and increase leads or sales.

In addition, a business having many engaging content will quickly increase their online presence on social media. For example, people who love your post will share the post with their social media friends. Your brand name then is expanded quickly. This gives you opportunities to elevate brand awareness effectively and cheaply.

User engaging content helps to build trust from the audience and improve the relationship with customers. When you create user engaging content, the audience who is likely to take action have the feeling that you are speaking directly to them.

10 Ideas to Create User Engaging Content

Use Infographic

Infographic is the combination of visual and text which is presented in a clear and concise way to provide information of a specific topic. Infographic helps to communicate the information quickly and clearly.

Infographic is one of the most shareable content online because it conveys the information more effectively than long text posts.

People are busier, they scroll the social media newsfeed more quickly than before. There is a very small amount of time spent on each post. Therefore, they need a quick-to-understand content. A compelling visual post with rich information will hold the audience longer on the post.

(Sources: Truly Viet Facebook Page)

Above is a piece of content Intelligence4start made for our client – Truly Viet. This infographic received nearly 400 shares and more than 500 comments just over a week.

Another benefit of infographic is that they can be saved for later review. With the informational infographic, users often save to their computer or mobile device so they can have a look in the future.

Use Video

The engagement rate of video is much higher than other types of content. Video can deliver a large amount of information and provoke the interactions from users.

Recently, video is becoming dominant in social media content because they are more memorable and easier to digest than text. For that reason, it is a favourable content for many businesses.

Video is viewed mostly on mobile devices. Especially on social media, video is viewed without sound. Hence, video needs to convey the message effectively even without sound. Compared to TV commercials which use voice over to explain the story behind, videos on social media use captions and subtitles to tell the story.

For example, KFC used video content on their Facebook page to promote their new product. While this is a 10-second-long video, it carries the message, selling points, brand and product effectively. This video got more than 3.3k likes and 1.4k comments .

The lesson learned from KFC’s case study is that video on social media needs to be short and concise. People normally skip the video swiftly if the video doesn’t get attention in a few seconds or the video is too long to get to the point. Therefore, make sure your video can get attention from the first 3 seconds.

Create Challenge or Contest

Many people are competitive. People like to win and get a prize or they simply want to be a part of the challenge.

Making a challenge or contest can help you gain many interactions and mentions from the audiences. For example, you can run a challenge on Instagram and ask people to mention you when they accept the challenge. This way, your online presence will improve because you get more brand mentions.

(Source: Apple Instagram)

Apple created their own hashtag #TheAtHomeSeries and #ShotoniPhone to encourage people staying at home during the health pandemic. People share their photos taken by iPhone during the social distancing time then use Apple’s hashtags.

Moreover, you can run a giveaway to get people to interact with your post. For example, Innisfree Australia ran a giveaway to get more followers, likes and comments on the post.

(Source: Innisfree Australia Instagram)

Answer the Questions

People have a lot of questions that need to be answered. In some circumstances, it may take time to reach your business, so people are postponing their questions.

Creating a post that answers the questions from users is a convenient way to interact with customers. This will increase the relationship, satisfaction and loyalty from customers.

An example can be seen recently on social media is 7News Melbourne. During the pandemic, the government imposed a new rule that people must wear a mask when they go out. This rule raised many concerns from the population. 7News Melbourne published a post that collects questions from users. This received nearly 2k comments within a day.

(Source: 7News Melbourne Facebook Page)

Create Poll or Survey

People love to give their opinion on what they care about. On social media platforms, it’s easy to do that.

This type of content is a great way to gauge what the audience is thinking. People interact with your post by choosing the option that is most associated with them. In some cases you can collect some valuable public opinion.

(Source: Calm Instagram)

Polls don’t need to be formal. Trying to keep it fun and informal is a way to get more interactions.

Ask a Question

There is another way to collect public opinion by asking a question. Asking a question can get many comments from the audience.

Some people love to share their stories, so be a patient listener!

(Source: Priceline Instagram)

Post Trendy Topic

Everyday, there are many things happening around us, and these information are updated on social media secondly. People use social media to keep up with the news all over the world.

This type of content can get many shares and comments from the audience if it is a controversial topic.

For example, the recent Black Lives Matter topic has received many debates over the Internet. Many businesses shared their thoughts about this. For example, Apple shared their view about racism.

(Source: Apple Instagram)

However, not every trendy topic can be published. The content posted on your page should be aligned with your business nature. Don’t make your business page as a digital newspaper.

In some cases, careless responses can bring negative effects to the company reputation, so be careful with controversial topics.

Use Interesting or Inspirational Quotes

People tend to interact with the quote that they feel related or tag their friends if this quote applies to their friends. This way, you can increase your online presence quickly.

A recommendation to use quotes is to make the quote as fun as possible and relevant to your business, products or services.

(Source: Priceline Instagram)

Post Company Announcement

People are using social media daily. A great way to inform users of the latest update about your company is through social media posts. This way, you can reach many audiences in a short time.

An announcement can be new opening hours, new products released, new achievements, etc..

(Source: Nike Instagram)

Use How-to or Tutorial Videos

When people are considering your product, they want to learn how to use it. Tutorial videos can attract many attention from people who are interested in your products.

In summary, you can combine these tips to create user engaging content for your business social media platform. Do remember to plan a head and follow a content strategy to gain greater success.