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Why Your Business Need a Website?

There are many reasons why a business owner resist to build a website: “I’m not a technical expert”, “I don’t have time to keep my eyes on the website”, “website is too expensive” or “we don’t offer online purchase, why do we need one?”. The truth is, you don’t need to be a website developer nor spend much time on website.

The most misconception about business website is that they must offer products for purchases, accept credit cards and process financial transactions with complicated code lines. In fact, there are a vast number of informative websites which can be built in a few hours with simple design and low budget.

Website is important to every business – whether your business is small, medium or large; well-established or brand-new. These are the reasons.

People are Searching for You Online

81% of people research a business or service on the internet before deciding to purchase. A website appears on search engine result page can contribute significant to the sales of business.

Not having a website makes customers trust you less. In fact, when customers search for you online, they expect to see your website, as a legitimate business. With a well-designed website, you can make a very strong impression to your customers, which is important to boost your credibility.

Take Control Over Your Brand

Most of the time, you can’t control what others say about you on social media, but you can lead the public perception by creating your own story via business website. A website is a platform that you can position yourself in the market to show your message and mission. In addition, updating information on the website is much easier and quicker to keep customers informed.

Increase the Chance to be In Front Of Potential Customers.

A website can help you reach the potential customers. Imagine that customers use search engine to search a keyword enquiry about their needed products or services and your website is listed on the first page; that means you have a higher chance to be seen by your targeted customers. If you don’t have a website, the chances of showing up on the search results are zero, then you missed the chance to reach these customers.

A Website is Always Accessible

Although you don’t want to sell your products in-store at 12:00 am, your customers have demand anyway. Your business have opening and closing hours but a website allows customers access your business 24/7/365. A website can provide a place for customers to see what your brand is about and learn more about your products and services, any time of the day or night.

Improve Customer Service

A website can provide added service to your customers. It is not only the tips to use products but also answer all the questions and feedbacks from customers.

A website with FAQ page is beneficial for business to help customers solve common queries before bothering you.

A website is the Centre of Your Marketing

A website is a must for any marketing plan. Every marketing effort destinations should be a landing page of your website to convert visitors into clients. Before having any marketing campaign, this is necessary to build a website.

Collect Data about Visitors and Generate New Leads

Every website has tools to track the behaviours of visitors about what page they visit, how long did they spend on those pages, and so on without any personal information. This data can help your business understand customer behaviours and interests. Then, business can adjust their content or marketing message to make it personalised, which can reach more targeted audience.

If you are still wondering why a small business needs a website, I hope these reasons can answer your question. A website is your owned media which can be built without expertise hand. However, website should be well-designed, fit the needs of your ideas customers and reflect your brand and values.